Documents from the John MacKay Shaw Collection

Items in the Documents Collection

A Christmas Hymn for Children
A Christmas hymn for children from Lilian and John Shaw 1978 - 1979. Poem by Josephine Daskam Bacon.

Have Over the Water to Florida
Large pieces of paper

John MacKay Shaw's Honorary Degree
The honorary degree that John MacKay Shaw was given by Florida State University.

John MacKay Shaw Recieving Honorary Degree
A photograph of John MacKay Shaw receiving his honorary degree from Florida State University.

FSU's Memorial for John MacKay Shaw
An article from an FSU newsletter written to commemorate the life of John MacKay Shaw

Marigold Garden, select poems.
A book of children's poetry written by Kate Greenaway. The two poems shown are "To the Sun Door" and "The Daisies." The former image contains illustrations of two sleeping girls in the clouds, while the former shows a woman being followed by a girl…

A Book of Nonsense, front cover.
The front cover of "A Book of Nonsense," written by Edward Lear. It is a collection of his poetry.

Nonsense, Rhymes and Pictures, cover and select pages.
Edward Lear wrote children's poetry; this particular item is sheet music composed by Margaret Ruthven Lang. Included is the cover of the sheet music, the table of contents,and pages 22 and 23, which is displayed in the physical exhibit.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin, front cover.
A white and gold cover of "The Pied Piper of Hamelin," by Robert Browning.